Just music videos.

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I love this: "Just… Why? We want to build something utterly useless, but we want it to be worthless in a particular way. Inexplicable like MTV, Twitter, Snapchat, or Yo."
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@jtzou Thanks! :-)
Crazy smart team. Loved the UX the first time they showed me spool. Still early but expecting this to grow a lot. Grats on the launch Raj and Chris.
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@DavidSpinks Thanks for the kind words.
I've been using spool.tv for a few days now, and I'm just addicted to how simple and fast it is. Cant wait for Chris and/or Raj to jump on and do an AMA :).
@liveink Thanks for posting us! AMA.
Feedback from a friend that I 100% agree with: "Man, if they [autoplayed the next song], I would have it on all day. There's totally a need for a web-based MTV." I'm not sure which makes sense for the default behavior, but huge +1 for moving on to the next clip automatically
@staringispolite Easy to implement too!
Love that Spool.tv is finally showing up on Product Hunt! The speed of this application is freaking amazing. On my somewhat crappy connection right now, the transition between videos is instantaneous. By the way Raj, we met at the Dojo a while back. Nice seeing Dojo representation here. :)
@ericbahn Thanks, Eric. @Chrismacolor said that you had a great chat with him about 2 weeks ago at the Dojo. He relayed your sage advice to me. I'm sorry that I missed you - I'd love to buy you a cup of coffee soon!
@brainix Yeah it was great speaking with Chris. So many opportunities for Spool.tv with regard to business model. Really excited for you guys! I'll come by the Dojo again in the future, hope we catch each other then.