Disguise your Caller ID

SpoofCard is the app that will not only give you privacy, but it will let you have fun at the same time. It comes with tools that change your voice gender in real time, add background sounds like you are calling from some other place, record a call and let you download it, change your number for calls and texts or even puts direct voicemails!

Giulia Palombo
  • Giulia Palombo
    Giulia PalomboGrowth @ TelTech

    SpoofCard lets you stay anonymous so you can get more accomplished. I use Spoofcard to control my caller ID for calls & texts


    I wish SpoofCard had more integrations with other apps! I'd love to be able to connect my favorite spoofed numbers to my profiles.

    SpoofCard is an awesome app for iOS & Android that gives you full control over your caller ID. SpoofCard is like having an unlimited amount of burner phones right within your personal smartphone! 5 stars!

    Giulia Palombo has used this product for one year.
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