A social app to meet with friends and people nearby.

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@rotemthegolfer Hello ! Yes it does work, we waited for the chat functionality to be properly working before posting it here ! :)
@soueuls Nice. Now I just need to get some friends :) Does your chat support GIFs?
@rotemthegolfer We personally like GIFs at Spontime and think it's a good way to communicate. But we are trying to develop an app which get to the point of actually meeting people so we won't over expand the chat feature and keep it to bare minimum.
@soueuls I completely understand. Good luck!
Quite a few others in this space - and I have the same view... whats the big draw in having another place to message my mates? Another place to have to update what I'm doing
@bentossell The catch is you mostly add on Spontime people you will feel comfortable hanging out with. Then whenever you feel like simply drinking a coffee, going for a movie or any kind of activities happening in real life, you create a quick event and go, people can join on the fly ! Or you can join your friend's events or the public event nearby.
@soueuls yeh but I just struggle to see how solutions like this will replace the current process... Whatsapp/Facebook/iMessage groups
@bentossell @soueuls thank you for your questions! Spontime is very different from Messaging Apps - it focuses purely on activities. Actually it aims to minimize the time we spend chatting online. Spontime shows you what your friends and people nearby are up to, so that you can join them right away. E.g. if you're in a new town and don't know anyone, you can see what people around you want to do (coffee, walk, lunch) and go straight to the meeting (they need to accept you first). In all other meeting apps you have to 'match' first, then wait until person starts the conversation/or you start, then there is an never-ending chat, and then MAYBE you will actually meet (the conversion rate from 'match' to 'meeting' in the popular meeting apps is 0.8%...). So I decided to reverse the process a little bit - you start from the meeting. In general, I want to make it as fast as possible to get together with friends or people nearby, even in an 1 hour break between classes. You give an informal sign about what you're up to and if others are interested, they may join you. Please, note it's an MVP and we're still improving the app and it's functionality. I will be happy to hear any feedback and suggestions. Here you can read more: http://www.digitaltrends.com/soc...
@karolina_d @soueuls ahhh I see, quite an interesting concept in tuning the matching process on its head. Will be interested to see how it goes :)
@karolina_d @bentossell @soueuls They people nearby feature is nowhere mentioned on the website. So that value proposition that could differentiate your product is not coming across.
I like the concept! Will definitely check it out :)
@raj_sandhu thank you Raj! We will be looking forward to hear your feedback!
Please make scrolling great again.
@grmmph Hi Yonatan, you mean the website? We promise we will!
Just downloaded, now to invite some friends next
@frantzdyromain let me know how it goes!