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Any chance this will come stateside?
@pmlonglamoureux Hey Preston - It's definitely something I'd love to work on, and as I build my connections with the relevant companies it sure could happen. Watch this space!
There's probably a bigger opportunity to create a platform where businesses and non-profits can discover each other. Why limit it to schools? Think of conventions, artists/musicians, neighborhood programs, etc.
@nassaraf seemed to work fairly nice for Facebook why not lol
Hey guys! I've built Sponsor My Society to enable income struggling UK university societies and sports clubs to be able to provide more for their members by partnering with some incredible companies (at no cost to the society/club!). Throughout my time at Lancaster University, UK, I've been heavily involved with student societies, and noticed both the lack of support for funding, and the scope of companies looking to work with students. To take advantage of this I've built a platform that promotes affiliate schemes and sponsorship opportunities from a range of different companies, in the hope of helping societies and sports clubs that need that extra hand. It's been very exciting watching an idea I've had for months transform into an engaging platform over the last few weeks, and to be working with some very exciting companies is a great feeling! University clubs and societies are an untapped resource, and there are hundreds of them at every university, hosting hundreds or thousands of members. With the popularity of influencer marketing on the rise and companies increasingly targeting students, why should clubs/societies be any different? It would be great to hear any feedback, comments or concerns. Thanks for looking, and have a great day! Jack
This is a really great idea! I ran the Entrepreneurship society at Bath Uni and the amount of money we had, and therefore quality of events we could put on, was really limited by the fact that I wasn't very well connected with companies looking to sponsor societies. The guy that came in the year after was very well connected and the society did tonnes more activities, gained loads more members etc. I think this could help to make sure that the quality of a society remains fairly constant year on year, rather than having some lacklustre years and some incredible ones. Good work 👍
@marsh931 Thanks very much Alex! It can definitely be hit or miss, and it really shouldn't have to be! Thanks again :)
Rad work on this Jack! I ran a sports club during undergrad and definitely am aware of pain points here. It'd be interesting to hear a little more about the process for connecting the club and sponsor? And how you're thinking to expand?
@nicksmithr Thank you very much Nick! At the moment the process is manual and does take a bit of time. What I'd like to happen in the future is more 'profile building' from both the companies and clubs in order to find out what they want and their requirements (I currently partake in this, but like I said, very manual). There would be the sense of a marketplace environment, however I think it's essential that strong communication and relationship building be the true driving force in order for both parties to truly gain value. Expansion takes me to a better supporting website, working with many societies and sports clubs in both the UK & US, and finally influencing companies to invest further in UK societies (something that is being done in the entrepreneurs, investment and law societies, but could be expanded to a whole range of groups). Thanks again for the comment!
@jack_culpan Sounds awesome dude. I really like the idea of matching companies with clubs, there's a big cultural element for sure. For example, I found that the extreme sports clubs have completely different events/socials etc, to something like hockey or rugby. The sponsors have therefore got to represent this. Once you've nailed that matching, I think that's the winner. We were lucky to work a bit with Red Bull and some bigger brands but mainly through their student reps. I think a more direct relationship with the big brands is essential too, and if you can enable that it'd be something next-level.
@nicksmithr Yes definitely! I think it'll allow companies to really pick and choose societies that reflect their values. That's definitely something I'm working on, and will hopefully see in the coming months. Thanks again!