Your sponsorship deck builder & much more

Sponseasy is a SaaS platform allowing you to pitch, sell and close sponsorship. Forget about the pain of creating a sponsorship deck, simply answer questions and get a professional sponsorship proposal generated. Track your deck and receive leads!

This looks quite interesting. I'll have to start an event just so I can use this.
I like this. Most event organizers shouldn't (and can't) spend several hours and dollars building a site for their one-time event and this looks much more professional than an eventbrite page.
Thank you Jonno (@Jonnotie) for hunting Sponseasy. Do not hesitate to contact me about your event, I'm convinced that, as a designer, you'll love what you see on Sponseasy :-). @Ryan (rrhoover) I think there's a misunderstanding. We propose a solution to create a winning sponsorship proposal for your event in minutes and manage your sponsorship campaign. It is actually complementary with Eventbrite (we even partnered with them as you can read here http://bit.ly/1rbVprv ). Nether less, thank you for your comment, as Product Hunt is growing, I'm pretty sure you'll find a use for Sponseasy in the future. For the event organizers, check out a sample proposal here http://goo.gl/tlbXlF. Do not hesitate to reach me if you have questions. Cheers, Jordan
Need this in my life for my indie music label