Like Instagram for audio. Recordings are 4 minutes or less.

Sorry, this product was removed from the homepage with this note:
Product is pre-launch
by Bram Kanstein (@bramk) (Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch))

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I rarely have time for a full 60 minute podcast. I love this idea of being able to consume short form audio!
Great stuff! Excited for an iPhone app companion to streamline the process.
Just signed up. Excited to try it out.
I'm glad this exists. Looking forward to a mobile app.
Yet another product which is in private beta / preorder and not available to the wide public shared on a public site. When will these kind of posts stop on PH? Aside from that, it looks good. Shame I'll have to wait to receive an invite to use the product.
@notrab Fair concern, Jamie. It's open to the public to be fair, but we're restricting to 500 signups per day for the first few days until we tighten all the nuts & bolts.
@cameronmoll can't wait to get in. Been looking for a replacement for Umano — and while Spoken is a bit different, I'd love to have a platform to publish my audio content on!