Share video summaries and transcripts of your conversations.

✏️Highlight conversation moments whenever, wherever (Zoom, Skype, Youtube, you name it !)
📺📋 Get a subtitled video summary of your conversations, and their transcript
✂️ Edit the produced video by editing the text
📤 Share you summaries in seconds
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I'm a beta user and we used it for a remote hackathon I organised last week where we would record the most important part that a speakers would say and then republish the content to youtube. It saved us a lot of time, and we could share the video a few minutes after each talk. Strongly recommend Spoke ! Thanks to the awesome team for putting that together.
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@chnsydney Thanks for the compliments, I'm blushing ! We were really proud of what we had back then and have added a lot of features since.
🖖 Hi Hunters and Makers ! 5 months ago, we assembled an awesome team (@julien_brsl @vincent_combey and myself) and started to build a video editing AI designed for video professionals. Recently, with the quarantine, we thought of an exciting way to use our tech : Spoke. Spoke is the easiest way to summarize, transcribe, and share any video conversations you have. We built it for : - video-conference sleepers who miss out on important moments 😴. - hustlers who want to be as efficient as possible in their communication 💫. - archivists, who want to save any important information that goes through their computer. 📚 We're very excited to share this project with you. We hope you love it as we do! Thank you @matic_uzmah1 for loving it (almost) as much as we do !
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Bonjour à tous et à toutes! Hi Hunters and Makers. I'm really excited to show you Spoke, the easiest way to summarize, transcribe, and share any video conversations you have. Spoke allows you to mark moments, at any time, from any video conference software - or anywhere actually. These guys are amazing. Bonne chance!
@matic_uzmah1 great work 💪🏽
@matic_uzmah1 Hey Matic! Happy to see you here and with a new product and team! I will definitely try Spoke. Remember that you are always welcome for any customer support support from Dashly side!
During and after lock down more and more use of visio, videos to follow and not enough time.... thanks to spoke it will be so much easier now!
@corinne_szabo Thanks Corinne, that's exactly our analysis too ! We hope Spoke can be useful to many people out there 🤗
Excellent produit