Spoiler-free way to talk about TV shows

Looking forward to trying this out tomorrow with GoT and Silicon Valley!
Thanks for hunting us, @650redhair!
Hey, I've created spoilr.tv – very exciting to actually share this with more people. If you want to see how it works, check out Game of Thrones Season 4 and House of Cards Season 1. That is where the Beta was active. The cool thing about spoilr is that you don't have to watch at the same time with everyone else. Even if you watch an episode a week later, people's comments will appear as they were made during the show.
I had this idea forever, and I'm so glad to see it out there - I think the implementation here is great!
@aronchick Hey Aron, thanks - good to know i'm not the only one who thinks this makes sense ;) Would love to see the rest of your comment, too.
@stefanwild David, sorry.
I've been using Spoilr for awhile, it's like watching tv with friends even when you're all alone (sounds depressing doesn't it). Highly recommend especially with Game of Thrones, it's perfect to see how people react when anyone dies.
Thanks for the love, @mattryanharris!
Cool. I designed an app a while ago that lets you use social media spoiler-free (Spoiler Shield https://appsto.re/us/n9aYP.i). I was a hired gun though and am not sure if they're still working on it. Your idea is an interesting take. Good luck!
@drwolanin Thank you, John. It seems that both apps would complement each other well. My thought has always been that blocking spoilers and then – after you've watched the show – seeing everything at once takes some of the fun out of it. It's really cool to see the reactions to big plot twists (i.e. surprise beheadings on Game of Thrones) on spoilr, because it's all timed.