A personalized box of happiness for someone you care about

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I've known this team for close to two years now and have had a first-row seat opportunity to see them come together to build Spoil. Wow. This is the team to do something like this. They care deeply about the experience they deliver and I'm consistently astonished at how quickly they are improving their service. I rely on this service myself on a daily basis - and though I'm fairly biased, I can affirm that these guys are delivering their promise. I'm super proud of what they are accomplishing. There are great things in store for Spoil. Mark my words!
Hey everyone! Thank you all for checking out Spoil, it means more than you know! Spoil has only been around for a few months now, and has been getting incredible feedback from awesome people ever since. Our mission at Spoil is simple yet ambitious; to make people happy, using the power of a surprise gift. How it works is also fairly simple. Firstly, choose your event for gifting. For example, to say happy birthday, I love you, happy holidays, etc... Secondly, choose your category of gift. For example, you could say happy holidays with something artsy, geeky, just for her, etc… Lastly, give us a few more details about the person you are Spoiling so we can personalize what we ship out. Based on the info you provide us with, and because of our close relationship with great brands, we supply your Spoilee with a gift we’re sure they’ll love, and jump to thank you for. Another part of the flow users seem to enjoy is that during checkout, you can leave a personal note that your Spoilee can go and read online after they’ve received your gift! You can Spoil someone from anywhere in the world, but we are currently only shipping within Canada and the U.S. You can take a look at our website for more info and our Instagram to see what happiness looks like! We are also giving all fellow Product Hunters $10 off your first Spoil, just enter ‘producthunt’ in the discount code section during checkout. Happy Spoiling ッ
@traf awesome product James. Keep it up!
@dsaezgil Thanks for the kind words Diego! Much appreciated.
@traf trying Spoil and apparently the app doesn't support coupon code. How can I use the 'producthunt' code?
Pretty cool stuff! I operate Pijon , a company that creates experiences to keep loved ones better connected -- we began carrying out this mission by re-imagining the care package experience and we're currently sending a PijonBox to students across 1,400+ campuses in all 50 states... @Spoil seems pretty relevant! Would love to talk shop sometime @cegascon + @traf ...
@rcaucci Absolutely man, seems relevant indeed! We'd love to chat sometime.
@jhubball Hey Josh! Thanks for the comment! Currently, 2/3 of all our orders are evenly split between 'I Love You' and 'Happy Holidays'. The remaining third are evenly distributed between 'Happy Birthday', 'Thank You' and 'You're Awesome'. Seems like our seasonal category will be in the spotlight as it will be changing month to month. Hope that answers your question!
Love this concept and how simple it is to get all the way through to purchase. @traf - can you share percentage breakdowns between the different selections your customers are making (I'm Sorry, Thank You, Your'e Awesome, etc.)?