SplitUp! is a tab manager aiming to organize your multiple tabs in a fun way. Mute annoying music quickly, close and export your tabs onto your device. Enjoy user-friendly interface and exciting upcoming updates!

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Hey PH community! Today, I’m super excited to be part of the community and introduce you a fun and super helpful tab manager. We know there are alternatives out there already with a million+ users, but we are ready to compete with better UI, usability, efficiency, security and taking every single feedback seriously. It’s already top notch, and we’re listening for ways to make it even better. Currently, SplitUp! offers: - Dark mode - Fabulous UI/UX - Seeing your all tabs within one list - Selectable tabs from the list to switch to that page - Mute/Unmute audio playing tabs - Active tab is highlighted - Tabs grouped by color differentiated windows - Fuzzy search - Export URLs/tabs into a text file to your device - Drag&Drop tabs between and within windows - Open extension itself in an independent window from the browser (useful for multiple monitors) - Split chosen tabs into a new window - Close desired tabs quickly from the extension by clicking the ‘x’ - Save sessions Any feedbacks are welcome!
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