Splitty for Telegram

Helps with managing shared expenses

Splitty is a bot which helps you to manage shared expenses (debts, purchases). Owe somebody? Don't worry - create your debt using Splitty in debtor's chat. Moreover, Splitty will help you to not forget your debts - just set debts reminder ;) Splitty can record all your team expenses in your Telegram group and then split final bill. Who owes whom?



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Max UsachevMaker@maxusachev · Splitty bot creator
Hey guys! We are happy to introduce our new Telegram bot Splitty to the Product Hunt community! All of us face one question when traveling with friends – how to manage group expenses and figure out how much we owe each other? There are a few apps that help deal with this issue, but installing them/registering/inviting friends/asking them to install the app requires too much effort. Why not use bot for that? That’s what we thought and created Splitty. Splitty is a simple bot ready to help you split expenses and see who owes whom and how much with one command. We’ll be happy if you try it and let us know what you think! Thanks @ddumik for adding us.
Aleh Tsikhanau@ethnoza · Eightydays, Inc CEO
I like it! It's work! Good job
Max UsachevMaker@maxusachev · Splitty bot creator
@ethnoza thank you!
Max UsachevMaker@maxusachev · Splitty bot creator
Time flies. We missed you, so we are back with a big update 🎉 Welcome — personal debts! Now you can track debts with your friends with ease. Use the same command as the purchase creation, but in the personal chat with a friend instead of a group. In case of any questions — use /help command. We are hungry for your ideas and comments at our splittygroup
Max UsachevMaker@maxusachev · Splitty bot creator
Hi! Small but important update — now you can create purchases for another person. For example, in a trip not everyone has the internet connection. So you can create a purchase and point who actually paid for it with the button [Change payer]
Max UsachevMaker@maxusachev · Splitty bot creator
How often you owes somebody but forgot about it? We have the same problem 😄 But, we have solved it! Type /settings command, chose Reminders and set day of the week and time when Splitty will remind if you owe somebody. If you will have any feedback - welcome to our group @splittygroup