Split bills from online stores & add it to Splitwise

Splitkaro is an app which fetches your bills from online stores like Swiggy,Bigbasket,UberEats and let's you split bills based on the items in the bill proportionately .All your expenses at one place ,we then add the expense to Splitwise.
Problem It all started as a hackathon idea, while working in my previous company in Bangalore. Me and my colleagues used to order food daily online for lunch.It was always a task splitting the bill proportionately and harder to keep track of it. Most of the people in cities like Bangalore(India) are co-living ,so splitting food ,groceries ,cab bills is much of need and manually calculating breakups and adding it to @split_wise is a task. Solution Why not come with an app which fetches you bill from online stores like Swiggy, Bigbasket ,Uber eats, and lets you split bills based on the items in the bill and not splitting the bill equally. Are you talking about another splitting app people already have Splitwise and why they will have two separate apps to manage expenses? Not a good idea, we agree so integrated @split_wise into our app which for managing expenses and leave the splitting part to us. Advantages 1. We fetch your bills from online stores. 2. Provide a convenient way to split the bill proportionately not equally. 3. Only pay for the items in the bill you have consumed. 4. Split between groups from Splitwise. 5. No need to calculate and enter manually the shares into Splitwise. 6. Automatically calculates items discounted rates from the bill. 7. The expense gets added to Splitwise, so all the expenses at one place. 8. Order together ,save delivery charges and human resources . 9. Split bill under 5 sec. Supported Stores in India. Swiggy,Uber Eats,Zomato,Big Basket,Grofers,Uber,Ola. You can request your stores on the request vendor section in the app. Most of you must be thinking what about the offline bills. So idea is basically creating a system where all your bills are present ,it was convenient to fetch online bills for now . Here comes Splitkaro 2.0 We are working on an api where all the online or offline stores POS will push the bills details and we provide you with a collection of all the bills at one place .