Split the trainer. Split the price. Always only $20.

SPLITFIT is the easiest way to get quality personal training in reputable Gyms & Studios near you on your schedule for $20. Share the trainer with up to 3 others and split the cost of the session. Get a semi-private workout at an affordable price with no monthly gym membership required.

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    Michael SheeleyFormer Co-founder of RunKeeper

    Wanted a workout in the afternoon and got on hours later


    I wish the app was available when I travel to other cities

    I went for a workout and I got a workout but also the trainer noticed I wasn't as flexible on my right hip as I should be. He showed me a few strengthening exercises for it that eventually corrected the issue. Highly recommended!

    Michael Sheeley has used this product for one month.


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Rob ShapiroMaker@rshapiro · CEO SPLITFIT
I have been a gym owner for 21 years. Our revenue is derived from two sources membership and personal training. We started to dive in a little over a year ago as to why personal training wasn't growing. We feel we have found the answer with SPLITFIT. Split the cost of a trainer by inviting a friend or joining an existing pool with up to 4 people. No gym membership required and always $20.
Brian GardinerMaker@b_gardiner · COO of SPLITFIT
SPLITFIT was developed to make personal training more affordable, more accessible and more social to benefit gym/club owners, trainers and clients.
Kunal Bhatia@kunalslab · Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
Really excited to try a workout and see you demo at the Product Hunt Boston Meetup tonight @rshapiro! What's broken with personal training today for gym goers?
Rob ShapiroMaker@rshapiro · CEO SPLITFIT
@kunalslab PT today has lots of pain points for the gym goer. Expensive, intimidating, cumbersome to schedule, gym membership required...etc. SPLITFIT is solving these problems
Vim Bonsu@vim_bonsu
Very interesting idea. Will try
Bob DandarawHunter@bdandaraw · VP of Marketing, SPLITFIT
@vim_bonsu Thanks Vim! Please let us know when you book your session as well as complete your session - we'd love all feedback from the app to the training experience!
Alan Ng.@tuanmon1604 · Marketing Specialist at Unstatic
Pretty interested in the idea. I hope it can work on many countries. Did you ever think of monetizing it by letting professional gym trainers post and find students?
Bob DandarawHunter@bdandaraw · VP of Marketing, SPLITFIT
@tuanmon1604 Thanks Alan. We hope to expand beyond the US as well! Yes, independent trainers is a future phase of market development for us.
Alan Ng.@tuanmon1604 · Marketing Specialist at Unstatic
@bdandaraw Can't wait!