Play two different songs on each side of your headphones

SplitCloud is the only music player for SoundCloud® that integrates a Split-Mode feature!

Activate Split-Mode to play two different songs on each side of your headphones.

Listen to music stored on your device or discover something new from SoundCloud.

The perfect app for sharing your headphones maybe during a long trip with your friend or partner.

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Isn't that missing the point of sharing a headphone, so you can listen to your friends music?
@antonybearpark actuall, it gives you more freedom , you can still choose to listen the same track on both sides.
When the songs are played through one headphone, does it merge both ears into one, for example if a song has bass only on the left ear, can I hear it on the right headphone?
Hi there , thanks Joe for hunting SplitCloud App! You can find more info and screenshots in this introduction i wrote on Medium https://medium.com/@egm0121/intr...
Recrate the anxiety of being in a bar and hearing 2 songs being played in 2 different rooms
@robjbye It can be used as regular player for Soundcloud when you aren't sharing headphones
Is this a problem people have? Curious to see what type of user research you did.