Play two different songs on each side of your headphones

SplitCloud is the only music player for SoundCloud® that integrates a Split-Mode feature!

Activate Split-Mode to get a second player and play two different songs on each side of your headphones.

Perfect for sharing your headphones while still listening to your favourite songs, maybe during a long trip with your friend or partner

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Antony Bearpark@antonybearpark · Graphic and Web Designer
Isn't that missing the point of sharing a headphone, so you can listen to your friends music?
@antonybearpark actuall, it gives you more freedom , you can still choose to listen the same track on both sides.
Antony Bearpark@antonybearpark · Graphic and Web Designer
When the songs are played through one headphone, does it merge both ears into one, for example if a song has bass only on the left ear, can I hear it on the right headphone?
Hi there , thanks Joe for hunting SplitCloud App! You can find more info and screenshots in this introduction i wrote on Medium https://medium.com/@egm0121/intr...
Rob Bye@robjbye · I build products and companies
Recrate the anxiety of being in a bar and hearing 2 songs being played in 2 different rooms
Giulio DellorboMaker@egm0121 · Senior Javascript Developer @ 8x8 Inc
@robjbye It can be used as regular player for Soundcloud when you aren't sharing headphones
Bryce Daniel@bryceoflife · Co-Founder & CEO @ Nubko
Is this a problem people have? Curious to see what type of user research you did.