Affordable weed in Los Angeles for street prices

We work with leading Brands, Distributors and Cultivators to offer daily deals at 25%-65% off on:
• Flower
• Prerolls
• Edibles
• Vaporizers
• Concentrates
Same day delivery in Los Angeles now Available!
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It's just amazing that we are finally getting to the point where weed services can advertise openly online. It's taken far longer than it should to get here, but better late than never.
@mariaelekt From my experience ProductHunt is ahead on the curve in letting us post our platform!
Very excited to share this project! Splitbud aims to bring cannabis bulk purchasing prices to the masses. It's built on React and Node.js. I'm very proud of this project because I got to work with tech I enjoyed and built tons of feature at blazing speed. We got you guys a discount for $20 USD with code HUNT20
I've been smoking cannabis for years, and what I can say for sure is that when I've tried CBD oil products - it gave me more effect than any type of cannabis. One producer even makes cbd brownies for those people who like to eat something sweet and relax a little bit, hah. It's really great thing, that CBD oil can be consumed by people not just like raw oil.