Split Metrics

A/B testing tool for your app's page on the App Store

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Split Metrics is a service which allows to conduct A/B testing for a page of an app on the App Store. It allows to increase conversion of an app page by the means of optimiziation of screenshots, icons and other data of any app page. This optimization allows to increase of number of organic installs. It makes your advertisement and trafic purchase more profitable and saves your money. This looks very clean and easy to use, seems like the next big thing after App Store Optimization.
@bramk Jebujus omg this looks incredible I'm testing it out now and I can't stop crying I build my own sloppy implemenation of this using javascript but it was messy and did not work at all. ....this is so very essential man this is what I needed so badly ugh this is incredible.
Added to my A/B testing collection: http://www.producthunt.com/anuja...
Very cool! 1. How much does it cost? 2. What's the recommend way to buy traffic to ensure you get valid results that would be predicative of users searching the app store or Google play?
@waterlooalex Hello, thanks. 1. Free for self service accounts 2. I recommend to buy the same traffic with the same targeting, that you use to promote your apps on the App Store or Google Play. If you don't buying traffic, then you can buy on facebook or Google AdWords, for example.
I didn't think this was possible. Now I get it, their "special ingredient" is a special mobile landing page that looks exactly the same as the App Store. Surely when someone does eventually click on the download button they would realise they are on a fake app store and panic no?