Split It

Easy way to split bills.

A while ago I was on a surf trip in the Arctic with a group of friends. We needed a car hire, rent, and a 40km drive to do the shopping. At the end of the 3 weeks, working out where we all stood with debts was a problem that didn't need to be.

Split It is a simple way to divide costs between a group.

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Surf trip in the Artic? I didn't even know you could surf there! 🏄 do you have photos? @mattjhoughton
@mattjhoughton Oh and more to the point - congrats on launching! 🚀 I usually use Google Sheets to track who paid what and who owes what - gets quite tedious. Will def try this on my next group trip.
@abadesi Hey, cheers for the messages! Yeah, there's some shots on the instagram attached to this, pretty far down. Awesome - let me know what you think and if I can improve anything! ☺️
@mattjhoughton Ooh looks chilly very cool though
Great product! I'm curious, are you guys planning on adding some kind of integration to services like Paypal or Venmo? Or even create your own secure payment method :^)
@hasan_liou hey man, so happy you asked! I looked into it and played with the idea for a while. One of the key things for me was no sign ups and that it didn’t need the internet. Who knows where you’ll be when you use it, and the idea of registering for a tool like this seemed wrong. However that meant limited sharing between groups. So I fulfilled that brief first, and now I’m looking at improvements as people use it to see what’s more important. What do you reckon? Do you think it’d benefit from that sort of thing? Are the things I said above important? Great question 🤘
@mattjhoughton I think it'd be useful if it had both! The integration could be an option for users, and the app could have an offline mode for your intended purpose. These are all just ideas off the top of my head so far, but I hope you find them helpful!
@hasan_liou Absolutely man - appreciate it!
What's the advantage of using this over Splitwise?
@kirstenbarkmeier Hey Kristen, cracking question! 👍 The first thing I had to do with splitwise was sign up which put me off. I didn't want another account for something so easy. We were in a cabin with no connections to the world, so I needed it to work in that environment. That gave me limitations but made a lot of the app, much simpler. Splitwise has some bigger features, like reoccurring payments, sharing within a group, a pay fore pro mode that offers receipts and way more... For me, that was all way too much and made the UI a little more complex. I just wanted to know how much I owed my mates for a great trip, so with Split it, I aimed to make that happen as quickly as possible. Split It, certainly wouldn't fulfil the features of Splitwise, but the advantage is absolutely, to just split some costs amongst people, quickly, without any noise. And it'll never email you or send you a push notification about it. 😉 I'd love to hear more on what you think.
Cool app! Will give it a try!
@ohyesohyes Awesome, cheers Arnò - give me a shout and let me know what you think