Topic-based video with your friends

Post a topic, get replies. Make the internet fun again.

Splish lets you create a threaded photo/video post with your friends. Our most popular, for example, is the Chugging Hot Sauce thread. It's a collaborative post that you build with your friends.

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Drake Austin Rehfeld
Drake Austin RehfeldMaker@drakerehfeld · CEO Demeanor.co
Hey all! Stoked to get hunted! Splish is a video sharing app for teenagers. We're expanding high school by high school, and would love to get product feedback from the PH community! We're different in two ways: first, users tell each other what to post with threads, so there's always something to do (even when teens are sitting on the couch for hours after school!), and second, threads let users express each side of their personality without context collapse. A thread we love to show off is Hot Sauce Chugging, popular a few weeks ago (https://splish.app/j/18ef8143-70...) Just finished up Y Combinator's S18 batch, after leaving our jobs at the big social companies. Cheers! - Drake & Team
Edison Espinosa
Edison Espinosa@edisonjoao6871 · Founder @ Foxie, & EJ
@drakerehfeld how has growth been?
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This is a big change from the web app you released earlier in the year. What have you learned since then that inspired this new direction, @drakerehfeld?
Drake Austin Rehfeld
Drake Austin RehfeldMaker@drakerehfeld · CEO Demeanor.co
@rrhoover Indeed! Saw users enthusiastically using a specific mechanic we built for them to post to topic-based video threads. We followed the highest engaged cohort on our platform and iterated to this product :) Ended up testing this core feature on its own to great response. These threads let users share multiple sides of their identity, unrestrained by context collapse. I'll try not to get too theoretical, but this has manifested as a virtual Third Place, as part of the massive shift toward digital-first life preferred by Gen Z (as opposed to restriction of just life logging by other platforms), with real identity and real friends.
Alex Bouaziz
Alex Bouaziz@bouazizalex · Deel, MIT, Technion
Congrats on the launch! I built Lifeslice.io for a while before pivoting it to b2b. We learned quite a bit about the space, happy to help if you ever need —> alex@scidex.co