Live Photo Filters and Animated Effects

Create moving photos, with just a few taps.

Splish adds live filters & animaged effects to your creative arsenal. Splishes increase engagement, express your brand, and get you more likes on instagram.

- Animagrapher adds motion to your still photos.

- Cinemagrapher lets you restrict motion in video..

- Plus, an awesome community! :)


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10 Reviews5.0/5
A few good friends of mine are launching Splish, a creative suite to make photo and video edits with just 1 click!
@tzhongg there's no app, right? It's all web based?
@tzhongg @chrismessina correct, all web for now
@tzhongg @chrismessina Hey Chris! We're on mobile now :) check it out: app.splish.io
Can you move the login/signup buttons? I spent 45 seconds trying to find a way to signup on mobile. Until I slide the screen to the side a little and found the signup button. Love the concept Dope 🚬
@dredurr Oh, definitely. Thank you for noticing that! We'll add that to the list of fixes :) Mobile editing coming soon, too!
@dredurr check out our mobile app at http://app.splish.io ! login / registration super easy now.
Fantastic! :) See also Plotaverse. And I can't find the price for Splish after the free trial.
hey @berryjacked_son nice job. What is your favorite use of splish so far?
@jrdngonen thanks brotha! A lot of cool stuff, hard to pick. Pretty big fan of the splish selfies rn tho
Upvote # 200 in the house! 😊