Fast-paced mobile dating game

We created Splish because we realized that online dating is actually a very lonely place! You send a carefully crafted, witty message to that latest match, and then ... crickets. We decided to Make Dating Fun Again. (#MDFA - yes, we're making hats.) Splish is a fast-paced Q&A format where contestants from the Dating Pool jump into games that end after a limited time. You pick the contestant with the best answers, and you're matched. Splish then kicks in witty Icebreakers to start the chat. Hey, presto - you may just have met your next bae. BTW, more than happy to answer questions - totally open to AMA! And feedback - bring it on, PH'ers.
@notgyet13 great idea. Addressing the problem of 'hey'. Hope this gets good uptake!
@maury_rubin 👍 Thanks! Spread the love!
@notgyet13 Awesome! Downloading the App right now. I was wondering though, what's your business model? Do you plan on having superlikes like other apps do?
@allezxandre Hi, Alexandre - something along those lines. We're thinking about models where people can have their profiles served first for games, buy second chances at games, or extend the timeline for games. Also, given that we have questions and categories, we're thinking that we can build out custom categories for affinity groups and brands, and also offer sponsored questions. Thanks for downloading - enjoy!
I really like the animation to explain the whole thing! It seems really fun and it's a beautiful story :)
@nico_lrx Thanks, Nicolas. We have a very talented animator helping us out - a lot of hard work went in to the video.
This is great. Happy to see someone working to fix the conversation side of online dating–the most important element for the users!
@laurenleto Thanks, Lauren. We totally agree. Please share with all your conversation-starved dating friends. :)
So I really love dating apps. I think they are fun and perfect for people who consider themselves too busy. So I have played with a bunch. I really love the concept of this app. I think online dating has definitely become a product of 'hey' and low response rate along with people trying overly hard to make a creative first text impression. So I do think there is a strong concept here I think people would enjoy and find fun. Now to go into the actual app. I think there is still a long road for this to get up to par. I downloaded and played with the app for about a day and a half. I would really encourage you to emulate most dating apps on the way they do their settings and profile. It felt challenging for me at times to figure out if a change is made or not. I am sure it's in your pipeline, but FB photos is essential haha. I really liked the screens on how you should select your quiz questions for your profile. I tried to find the screen on how I can change a question after I submitted it and I couldn't find it. I also see a cool use case for this app and Psychology majors in college that want to quiz/survey users and people. I know it's still young, but users are super important. I think Bumble's campaign on getting tons of users was genius. They obviously have a theme, but you do also! There may be an opportunity to do a marketing campaign and partner with video game tournaments or board game tournaments. Since it feels like I am playing a survey/trivia style game, it would be a neat way to on board more users. Hope this feedback helps some and gives some food for thought! PS: Meant to include! Not a big fan of the name. 'we met on Splish' sounds kinda sketchy. I am personally okay with it, but about 6 people told me they weren't a fan of the name.
@danny_mcdonald Danny - thank you so much for your very helpful review. We really appreciate the fact that you spent so much time with Splish. We are in fact working on an update that will allow users to pull Facebook and Instagram photos; should be out shortly. Would like to understand your comment about "emulating" how most dating apps do their settings/profiles - we have purposely kept our profile creation flow very simple, and would be great to hear some detail on what you think is missing - can we have a conversation about that? If so, please let me know best way to get in touch. We will definitely take a look at the idea of changing a question after submitting it when starting a game. And thanks for the excellent marketing suggestions! Regards, Angela