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Ryan DurantHunter@rewphus · Co-Founder of Lifebar.io
Leave it to Nintendo to inject some family-friendly charm and innovation in a genre known for it's violence and hyperrealism.
Russ FrushtickHiring@russfrushtick
@rewphus How have you found the motion controls? I've been hearing complaints.
Ryan DurantHunter@rewphus · Co-Founder of Lifebar.io
@russfrushtick Haven't had a chance to pop it in yet, but I'm sure it will mostly come down to personal preference. I will probably switch to traditional controls. I have never been a fan of motion controls for anything that requires an ounce of precision.
a[u]drianna@adriannasmiles · Student, UC Berkeley
@russfrushtick @rewphus It's a little bit loose but easily manageable.
a[u]drianna@adriannasmiles · Student, UC Berkeley
I'm glad to see Nintendo is finally pumping out some original content besides series continuations! Splatoon is showing some good promise and also makes me want to travel through paint as a Squid......
Fahm Sikder@fahmsikder · Designer at Saavn
This game is absolutely addictive. Gameplay is a lot more hardcore than it seems. Just pure fun!