Auto changing Unsplash photos as desktop wallpapers

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I think Irvue should be listed as a similar product.
Thank you! Have been looking for something simple for Windows forever. Lots of apps for mac but few for Windows.
Awesome, just what I needed. No more boring wallpapers, only down side is you can't choose categories or different images on different screens :)
@mkorevec Thanks! :) Option to choose categories is on the way, but different images on different screens is something that is going to be hard to implement.
@mkorevec FYI, Wallcat has had categories forever, and even lets you choose different ones for each Monitor you use
@benejal are you sure Wallcat let you choose different ones for each Monitor you use? I don't any such option in my Windows PC
Pretty cool! Nice to see an entire ecosystem being built on Unsplash. Are we looking at next Slack? @mikaelcho
Nice, trying it out :)
Feedback: I am using two monitors. It is only working on one of them. Also, it would be nice to skip something. Nice little app!
@tonyschumaker Button for next image is already in bottom right corner, better support for multiple monitors is on the way, thanks for feedback :)
@bumtomica Cool! Thanks for the info :)