Beautiful desktop wallpapers for Mac and Windows

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Hey guys. Splashify was my Christmas side project this year. I wanted to build a desktop app using Electron. I also love beautiful desktop wallpapers. So using the Unsplash API to fetch stunning photos to use as desktop wallpapers seemed to make sense. Would love some feedback from the community. Let me know what you think!
@gilbitron Would you please share your code for learning purpose ?
@gilbitron Thank you! I will check it out. I have never heard of Electron and I will have to take a look at that too. :)
@gilbitron Thank you. I would like to find a way for my customers to have the files I sell installed onto their computer from a desktop app or desktop menu app. Right now my customers have to download each file package they buy and install each one. Can Electron help out in this? Thank you :)
@deysonortiz Electron is just a framework that allows you to build desktop apps using web technologies (e.g. HTML, Javascript, CSS etc.). You can build almost any kind of app you want using Electron, however you may need to hire a developer to help you out if you want to build something complex.
Nice. Also check out Wallcat. 😻
Love this but was disappointed it wouldn't work on both of my monitors. :/ Any chance you could add support for dual monitors?
@punkscience This is something I'd love to add. At the moment the module we use to set wallpapers doesn't support multiple screens. However, you can manually set the second screen wallpaper once you've set the first screen. Wallpaper images are downloaded to your users "Pictures" directory.
@gilbitron @punkscience how do you do that? (on mac)
@gilbitron @punkscience I do like how Wallcat allows me to set each display independent of the other. Definitely a feature request!
@ourielohayon @punkscience In "System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver" add the Splashify folder in your users "Pictures" directory. Then simple select the image.
congrats @gilbitron what a great 🎄 project can't wait to use it!
Really nice! Always need a good wallpaper app :) @gilbitron