Splash VR

Shoot 360° videos with your iPhone

Sorry, this product was removed from the homepage with this note:
Removed as per request of maker
by Ben Tossell (No-coder 👉 Makerpad.co)

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I like the idea. Sharing on Facebook without confirmation however is a bit dodgy.
Splash is an app to shoot 360° videos with just your iPhone. No need to buy and carry around additional, expensive gadgets, and I'm pretty sure a lot of you will get a kick out of the app. I've been working with these guys for quite some time now and to say they have come a long way would be an understatement. Soon they'll offer all 360 videos in HD and much, much more. Amazing bunch of guys and the app is already AWESOME! You might actually run into them at SXSW where Michael, one of the founders just did an interview with Robert Scoble last night, and shows the app in detail. https://www.facebook.com/RobertS...
@tim_von_janssen Seems to be in private beta :( will be interesting when launched!!
@bentossell It's actually live. Clicking the link leads to the app store.
@tim_von_janssen web link threw me off ;)
@bentossell Hah yeah guessed that. Thanks for approval :)
@tim_von_janssen @bentossell I had the same experience.
@elliot_blast absolutely love this. Exactly where the VR space needs to be going with accessibility and allowing anyone with iPhone to access. So on point and very exciting times ahead. Nice work!