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Filter Unsplash image search results by orientation (landscape / portrait) and luminance (dark / light). More coming!
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Hello Hunters! Building this product was a last minute decision While building Remote Junior Club (https://www.producthunt.com/post...), I wanted to find a nice background image for the website I went to Unsplash as I normally do, but took forever to find what I wanted, a dark, landscape image I searched for a tool or for an advanced search feature that could filter results but found nothing I launched Remote Junior Club yesterday but didn't even get on the front page, so I decided to spend all my free time yesterday building this I documented EVERYTHING while building it in this Twitter thread (https://twitter.com/alexsideris_...) Hope you like it! Let me know what you think! Much love, Alex
Looks useful!
Much needed! I mean, even Google Image search has way more advanced search tools than Unsplash. You know what my big issue with Unsplash' search algorithm is? When I read the caption of this hunt, I thought maybe you'd solved it, but sadly not... You solved a different problem! Anyway, you can enter multiple search queries into Unsplash' search bar, but it returns results that match ANY of the queries. It doesn't even show the ones that match more queries first. An example: if you search for "man walking on moon" you will get pictures of: - men - people walking - the moon But you'd need a lot of luck and time to finally stumble upon an image of a man walking on the moon :) Any ideas how to fix that?
@anna_0x Thank you Anna! Aaaaah, I get exactly what you mean! I think it's solvable, yes! Might actually build it 😊
The landscape / portrait filter is something I have wished, for the longest time!
@bevankay Glad you might find it useful! Pro tip: scroll to the bottom, load many images and THEN apply the filters
@alexandersideris it doesn't seem to be working properly for me at the moment, I'll DM you on Twitter.