Making music is hard, Splash makes it fun!

Splash is a new music app that lets everyone make music that sounds amazing. Splash features a growing library of free sound packs including Hip-Hop, Pop, Electronic, R&B, Gamer and more. Our sounds are designed by professional producers using cutting-edge AI.
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8 Reviews5.0/5
So fun working with Stephen, Adam, and the Popgun team on Splash. When we met through Techstars Music, we all agreed – making music is hard, but there were opportunities for AI to become a creative partner in the song-making process... Now comes Splash. A fun app to instantly jam with beats, bass-lines, melodies, vocals, and FX loops together...all to create your own songs in minutes. Pretty incredible ;) Excited to hear what folks make!
@mattdsandler Hey Matt thanks for all your support. Cheers for hunting this.
The sound sets are really well curated and when I hit a button, Splash seems to drop the sound/beat into the correct place, not just where/when my stupid thumbs mashed the buttons.
@bigyahu Thanks so much for the feedback Alan! Your support is much appreciated.
Hi Product Hunt! SPLASH is a new product from Popgun. Popgun is an AI Music company based in Australia. Over the past three years, we have developed AI that can sing, play instruments, compose and produce music. Check out the evolution of our technology. Evolution - https://youtu.be/Pm1SEO9TZfw Singing - https://youtu.be/cd4f4i3HQ4w Why teach an AI to make music? Making music is still too hard! Every year millions of teenagers try to make music, and fail. We think AI will solve this problem. Today Splash is a simple music app that lets everyone have fun making cool music. Over the next year we plan to grow Splash into the next big social music network, powered by AI, with millions of people making and sharing music. We are excited to hear what music people make using Splash. Download Splash -> https://splash.popgun.ai Visit Popgun -> https://popgun.ai Thanks to @mattdsandler and @bobmoz for the support! We would love your feedback and I am available to answer any questions.
Stoked to see what kids can do with this... my 6-year-old loves it. ;)
@bobmoz howdy Bob! big thanks to Techstars Music for helping us make this happen.
Congratulations on the launch - loving the app so far.
@lldavedave Thanks for the support Dave!