Create and share videos in 360 using only your phone

#3 Product of the DayMarch 13, 2016
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Thanks for posting! Excited to launch Splash this weekend on Product Hunt and as a Finalist at SXSW's VR Accelerator. Find Splash easily by going to www.splashapp.co on your phone. Our team in Berlin has developed Splash to make 360° videos and social VR accessible to everyone. You just tap around to capture and add videos to make a Splash. Share Splashes with friends on Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks. Dive into the best Splashes from around the world and double-tap to leave a like anywhere in 360°. Check out our VR mode to experience Splashes in Google Cardboard or other headsets. We'd love to hear your feedback. Also, swing by our office if you're ever in Berlin. hello@splashapp.co Happy Splashing :)
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Amazing to finally have a way of creating 3D videos on my phone. Makes me want to carry around a VR headset with me. Can't wait to see where you guys take this - I'm voting for collaborative videos, and see some interesting artistic opportunities. 👌🏽
Splash is a fascinating fun way to capture your moments in 360 / VR using a phone. This has changed the way I view videos on social. Normal video now feels dated, all video should be scrollable in 360. Nicely done, great start. Looking forward to more from this exciting team of tech creatives
Love the concept. Couple questions. 1) it automatically shared video to my Facebook 3 times now without my permission and it wasn't even a video I took. Irritating and I couldn't find out how to disable. 2) Am I missing something or do you have to take videos over and over again to create the 360 vs. one long video?
@bkaminsky I had the same issue with auto sharing to Facebook. Love the app, not ok with the auto-share and need to be able to disable that if I'm going to keep the app installed
@bkaminsky Hey Brendan, thanks for reaching out! 1) We do not intend to auto-share any Splashes! Thanks for reporting the issue and we're fixing it right now. Just a heads up: You can share your own Splashes right after creating them on the Share Screen or you can share any Splashes from the Share Menu at any time. 2) You can do your Splash by combining photos and videos. If you choose to capture the Splash only by video, you tell the story by featuring many glimpses intro reality.
@benasmith @bkaminsky Hey Ben, we're fixing the issue right now. Auto-sharing is not intended from our side.
@stefanmarx Outstanding! Thanks for the quick response
@stefanmarx so you still have to take the video over and over again?
Great way to view and create 360 videos! Can't wait to see how this app evolves further.