Spire Health Tag is re-inventing 'wearables' - by making the device disappear. No charging. No remembering to wear. No changing what you do. Just get up, put on the clothes you already wear and go. With a battery that lasts 1.5 years and comprehensive sensors (HR/HRV, breathing, sleep, activity), Spire Health Tag makes your clothes smart.

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Hi Product Hunt, I’m Jonathan Palley, Spire's Co-founder/CEO. Our story: Four years ago we invented a novel sensor for continuously measuring respiratory patterns. Using this technology, myself and our team launched our first product, the Spire Stone. We’ve been honored by supporters, including over 1,000 health professionals, buying over $8M of our devices to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as by being carried in Apple stores worldwide. Now, we've set out to solve some of the fundamental UX problems plaguing wearables by making a product that not only disappears, but has the most comprehensive sensors and insights our industry has seen. Spire Health Tag measures activity, heart rate and HRV, and respiratory patterns to gain insights into your sleep, stress/productivity and exercise. Plus the battery lasts 1.5 years and it goes throw the washer and dryer. Again, just put Spire Health Tags on your clothes and forget about them. We’re offering special launch pricing now at https://spire.io
Hey! Super cool! How do you relay data back to device? And is it in real time?