Spire FIT

Simple step tracking for you and your crew

Hey, everyone! I'm the Chief Product Officer for Spire Labs and we're excited for you to try out our new product, Spire FIT. This app is our attempt at solving a problem that has frustrated us for a while: How do you do a step competition with your favorite people? If all of the people you care about have the same fitness tracker or work at the same company, there are options... But we haven't found anything that's simple and easy and lets people all play, together. Today, we're introducing Spire FIT for iPhone and Apple Watch + Android and Android Wear. You can create your own League and invite your own crew, or join us in the "Product Hunt" league! Just shoot us an email at hello@spire.fit, and we'll add you in. I'll be here all day with my teammates @leeadkins, @brianbowden, and @jwby, so let us know if you have any questions! Thanks to everyone for checking it out, and thank you, @chrismessina, for hunting us!
Interesting--how's it going so far? I worked on step tracking challenges in the past and curious how it goes. Makes me think of both Spire.io and Spitfire. Either way good luck :)
@1wu Hi Leslie, it's going well! We wanted to start with something really simple (steps) and build a great experience around it. We are excited to see how people use it. We have a few ideas we'll be working on in the coming weeks/months, if you're interested in being a part of our beta program, let me know. Thanks for the good luck!
@michaelbrooksjr totally. Tweet / DM me here twitter.com/1wu