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Jonathan Palley
@jpalley · CEO, Spire
I realized I also didn't talk about the story behind Spire. Check-out Neema's blog post about the origination (http://blog.spire.io/blog/2014/6...). Spire came about from Neema's research and work I was doing while running a big data consulting company based in Beijing. We were trying to put our knowledge of big data + hardware to use in solving the issu… See more
Helen Crozier
@helencrozier · technology coach
sometimes I just forget to breathe! love the thought of this wearable. Edit: after sleeping on it I just ordered. Thanks to the referral code below via @staringispolite the $10 discount went towards the reasonable international shipping fee of $15. This gadget epitomizes cutting edge wellness technology. You could be walking 20k steps a day but in the rest… See more
Jonathan Palley
@jpalley · CEO, Spire
Spire co-founder here. Feel free to ask anything!
Erik Torenberg
@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
super cool Jonathan - what's the story behind spire? why / how did it start? what are future plans for spire?
ash bhoopathy
@ashbhoopathy · partner, lab
I really like this... It's not often I make impulse purchases... Very cold and calculating about spending it on hardware that I probably don't need, especially since I've had a bad time with another wearable company in the past. @jpalley, I'm also curious as to what in(spire)d the product. Specifically, I'd like to be able to prove scientifically (e… See more