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I realized I also didn't talk about the story behind Spire. Check-out Neema's blog post about the origination (http://blog.spire.io/blog/2014/6...). Spire came about from Neema's research and work I was doing while running a big data consulting company based in Beijing. We were trying to put our knowledge of big data + hardware to use in solving the issues of pollution and the massive effects we felt/measured it had on our health and productivity. In the process we figured out how to capture respiration data in a wearable form factor. We combined that with Neema's fantastic work on breathing and State of Mind and realized we might be onto something! We've been developing the commercial product for the past two years.
sometimes I just forget to breathe! love the thought of this wearable. Edit: after sleeping on it I just ordered. Thanks to the referral code below via @staringispolite the $10 discount went towards the reasonable international shipping fee of $15. This gadget epitomizes cutting edge wellness technology. You could be walking 20k steps a day but in the rest of your time being a stressed animal. I can't wait to see how spire will help me create more balance and better breathing.
Spire co-founder here. Feel free to ask anything!
super cool Jonathan - what's the story behind spire? why / how did it start? what are future plans for spire?
I really like this... It's not often I make impulse purchases... Very cold and calculating about spending it on hardware that I probably don't need, especially since I've had a bad time with another wearable company in the past. @jpalley, I'm also curious as to what in(spire)d the product. Specifically, I'd like to be able to prove scientifically (even to myself) which meditation practice yields the best results in terms of long term breathing and stress. It's sort of hard to do that without a device like Spire.