Spinlist SongShare

Share and play any song in iMessage for free

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Hi Product Hunt 👋, We are really excited to introduce Spinlist SongShare today. It’s a really fast and easy way to find a song and share it with someone. That’s it. No accounts required. No sharing files. Just simple sharing of songs. I wrote a little medium piece on the frustrations that led to building this tool here, https://medium.com/spinlist/ugh-... While the app is currently only available for iMessage on iOS10, all of the URLs it produces work on web and mobile web, so your android friends will be able to listen to the songs you share too. Like this gem! https://beta.spinlist.fm/s/qbeTY... Hope you guys like like it. Lucas
@lucasbuick downloaded! It's great! You may have cracked the code on sharing.
@dblut7 thanks, its certainly a tough nut to crack.
@lucasbuick looks interesting.
I have been waiting for this. So good.
@om thanks brother :) let me know what you think ... here's what's on repeat here right now, https://beta.spinlist.fm/s/jVrHL...