An Internet radio app with an intelligent mashup DJ

Spindrop is the world's first fully-intelligent mashup DJ app. Spindrop features 10 internet radio stations, and links up with your Spotify playlists. Spindrop's hot non-stop mashup algorithm provides gap-less beat-synced hour-long sessions, automatically.
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hi - I'm one of the co-developers of the first fully-intelligent robot DJ apps: Spindrop. We hope that you'll get dancing and grooving with our product, which provides hour-long beat-synced mixed music sets for your party, workout, or drive.
Thanks for sharing!
@itsbrex Thanks for checking it out!
Will this work for android soon?
@jaketital Hi - we're targeting our first android release for late 2020. We've had a ton of requests for it, thanks for the patience!
@michael_yang6 Sounds good! ill keep an eye out for it :)
I downloaded the app last night, played a bit and offered some feedback. It was stupid of me for connecting the app to my Spotify account. Now I got someone from Indonesia accessing my account. 🤬
@stupidbasura That's not possible, sorry.
@stupidbasura We use the same Spotify credential management as Spotify (or Gmail, it's called OAuth 2.0), so the only way your credentials were stolen is that you gave your username/password to someone in Indonesia. Don't give your username or password for gmail or Spindrop to anyone in Indonesia. Thanks! And @stupidbasura, stop spamming this page please!