A station-less bikeshare. Pickup and drop off anywhere. 🚲

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I've seen other bikesharing services which all require you to pickup and return your bike at specific stations. Spin just launched in Austin for SXSW (good timing πŸ‘πŸΌ).
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@rrhoover Well yes, but their tagline "bike sharing, reinvented" is not true. They are simply copying the successful bike sharing model of Chinese companies like Mobike, Offo and alike.
πŸ‘‹ thanks @rrhoover! Hey everyone, I'm Derrick, one of the co-founders of Spin. We're solving the last mile transportation problem (https://medium.com/adventures-in...), and station-less bikeshare is our first stab at it! Happy to answer any questions you have here πŸ™Œ
@derrickko Where the bikes at in ATX?
I'm currently traveling in china and they have these everywhere it's a pretty awesome system. Their first iteration was the ones that need to be returned to the rack and these are their V2. In Ningbo there are already 2 competing companies. And or course they use WeChat to pay for them :)
@vinayp10 I am currently in Guangzhou, and in the town I have see three different company : Ofo, Bluegogo and Mobike.
Looking forward to trying this out in SF. I use Bay Area Bike Share all the time but sometimes having to leave it at the closest station near my destination is an inconvenience.