Spike 2.0

Email, notes, docs, tasks, & group chat all in your inbox

Manage your email, tasks, personal notes, group chats, and collaborate in real-time on documents all without leaving Spike. Everything you need to get your work done is in a single feed, so you can finally give the app-switching a rest.
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10 Reviews5.0/5
Hey Product Hunt, Erez from Spike here. Thanks for checking out Spike 2.0 When we first launched Spike, our focus was to turn legacy email into a more conversational experience. With our latest update, we’ve set our sights on simplifying your day to day work. Instead of jumping between apps to collaborate on docs with coworkers, take meeting notes, manage your task list, or chat with your team, you can now do it all from within Spike’s Inbox. All of your work syncs seamlessly across all of your devices. Best of all, people who aren’t using Spike can still collaborate with you in real time without downloading an app or creating an account. Here’s what’s new in Spike’s even more powerful Inbox: • Personal notes for capturing thoughts whenever they arrive in your head • Documents with real-time collaboration, chat and commenting even with people who aren’t using using Spike • Cloud file storage for any file type with syncing across all your devices • Integrated task management in your inbox so you don’t have to switch to another app to stay on track with projects All of the new additions to the platform will live alongside your email in your Inbox, so you’ll have one place to manage everything for your work. You can respond to an email, resolve a comment on a document, and check off a task all within a unified Inbox. It’s a breath of fresh air in a fragmented world. Give it a shot and let us know what you think.
@pilosof Please, don't sell it to Google :)
Congratulations @pilosof and @dvirben it is done amazingly well. As a tester in the last few months, It literally changed my life. I dropped all other notes and tasks apps and everything is now in one place and it works much better!
@dvirben @aryehm couldn't happen without you 😉
Interesting. I'm currently heavily relying on gmail + different notion boards. Might give it a try because it seems very aligned with my workflow.
Been using Spike (since it was Hop) for more than 3+ years and trust me, this is one helluva mind-blowing update. Thanks, team!
@alphahunter 🥰 thank you, as always send us feedback on the new Notes integration
Such a cool product! Can't wait to try it out 🤗