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People keep laughing at these strap accessories popping up for the AirPods, but I honestly can't justify getting the AirPods without something like this. I want to get AirPods over other bluetooth headphones mainly because of their charging case, as well as the more convenient way to switch between devices (I'm constantly switching between my phone, tablet, and laptop). I also however can't imagine having to keep track of two separate ear pieces.
@wisj26 Agreed. It seems foolish to get a cord for your cordless headphones, but the real foolish part of this is that they're not included in the box.
@wisj26 you can't use the headphones without the charging case, so you pretty much have to store it in there 24/7
You can laugh but you can't hide. The Strap is comin' in hot this Fall.
Honestly, one of people's big concerns is looking like this guy, which this solves: