Spiffy or Iffy

Get feedback on your outfit

The elevator pitch: I'm wearing "this". I'm going on a date... or on an interview... or whatever. Should I wear it? Yes/No? Then you can post comments and get metrics on it.
I love the idea.. it reminds me of the app Stylefruits who provide about the same concept, but with extras, you should check it out. The design really needs some work though.. I don't think this is appealing to the target group or modern in any way.. If you make an app about fashion, the design needs to be fashionable as well :)
@irisvdlooij point taken; thank you for the feedback!
The idea of this is very nice but in my opinion, the design could be worked on a bit better! :)
@itsmidnightyo you're right... if this proves to be a good idea, we'll invest in a better design. Thanks for checking it out though!