Q&Video Answer app for today's fast-paced professionals.

Spiel is an app so today’s fast-paced professionals can easily share their knowledge “on-the-go.” Professionals and thought leaders that are time limited can give video replies to questions directed to them in particular, or to a category in general.

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We strongly believe that people love helping people, and we’re passionate about facilitating that belief.
We feel Spiel is a great way to “give back” and help those who plan to take a similar path like the one’s we’ve taken, and as the platform grows with the help of our users, we’ll have willing mentors for all experience levels, in practically any industry or field imaginable.
Simple, fun, and easy to use. Perfect for people who don’t care to hear a 20 min lecture and would rather ask specific questions to get specific answers from persons qualified to answer. I love this app, I will use it regularly and I can encourage anyone to use.
How is this different from quora ? Sorry if i am missing something.
@anvika_kumar Hi Anvika, great question. We thought it would be beneficial to have a Q&A platform specifically for professionals, where questions could be directed to the community, or a particular member of the platform. Since it’s a professional, driven platform, we feel it’s vital to enable video answers. Most professionals have limited time, and the app will make it easy for them to give answers while on the go. Video answers are authentic, and allow you to feel out the expert behind the profile and the depth of their knowledge. Furthermore, some answers require a video explanation, or demonstration to grasp the information better.
@anvika_kumar Also, if you would like video replies to any of your questions https://tryspiel.com/alexfromspiel :)