A rocket 🚀 fast, lightweight, static site generator.

Sphido is pure static site generator written with speed, simplicity and flexibility in mind.


* YAML front-matter

* html/markdown source

* custom extenders

* Nunjucks templates

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Maybe this is a silly question, but if you're going to use HTML, why not just skip using a parser at all and use the native serving of Nginx or Apache? Wouldn't that be even faster?
@ozzyczech what about server side includes?
Congratz! I'm really impressed how fast Sphido is. I think that it was one of the targets you wanna achieve when you start to project. Who are your competitors in fast CMS market? Any alternative CMS to Sphido you can recommend & works in Python/Ruby or NodeJS?
An interesting concept for a CMS. Supports Markdown, HTML, PHTML and Latte. And I think that rocks :) Super fast: Reaches speeds around 30 milliseconds per request Oh, and it's opensource - feel free to fork it on github and make it better :) Cheers!
Looks good congrats! But what is the main advantage over http://jekyllrb.com/ besides is written in PHP so work on almost any hosting? the compatibility of files?