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We started Sphere with the vision of creating a global movement around health, happiness and connection. All of us have experienced first-hand the impact that meditation has on our lives and are excited to share a new approach to teaching it with all of you! We have found that features like calendar integration, a flexible timer and meditations for specific uses (relax, sleep, nerves) are indispensable for a complete meditation experience. Today we're proud to announce that we Sphere combines all these features into a beautifully simple interface. We've chosen the iPhone as our first home and we are already working on Android and web apps!
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Finally a useful app for my mind, thank you @dhavalchadha πŸ™πŸ½
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Looks cool! Trying it right now and will write back with my feedback :)
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Here's a new meditation app with a "social network" baked in. It lets you invite your friends on Facebook to your tribe and has most of the bells and whistles like other meditation apps. It's cool to see a bit of a different take on an experience in this category. I'm really curious about these type of products that require people to do things offline in conjunction with the app experience. This isn't Instagram, you *have* to do something specific (meditate) while using the app for it to be truly useful to you.
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Meditation is typically a solo experience. Interesting direction. cc @yunhajkim
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@rrhoover thanks for the shout-out. Lots more coming in that direction.
Had the pleasure of trying the beta version of this, and getting to know the creators. I can attest to the depth of wisdom, and good intention that went into this. It's the real deal folks. An app worthy of trusting in to guide a beginning meditation practice and beyond.
Looks awesome, Dhaval. Can't wait to try it out.