Sphaera for Android

Make the best of your display with beautiful map wallpapers

Choose your location and select your favorite style from our collection to get the best scenic map wallpaper.
With cartographic backgrounds your smartphone will definitely stand out from the crowd!
Hello Product hunt ! I am happy to introduce Sphaera and for the occasion here are some promo codes for the community: YR1L61U0YM6U7XFW2B9W00U PT28LL2VLBVHNQKPMVH19P3 5EE3RV2033TGFWAK31ZAFQB XC0ACAPA650PCPPJR864G57 JCVG9PS1HS4X8HZ1KTNPLEV 3J9BW928UP8P1M0B1W3KY20 8YYPEYM1E25KJD362NQ0GHT KAR3WM65NMJCB5NBQKYHZLF BRBM6LJTXKEERNXC4MYYWXN QCXQ1ARQAK143CG8XA8UHNE PMVPH5SJ5NHF52Y5YR8C4JH
amazing idea
@axu08021805 Thanks. Happy you've like it!