Spext Bot

Convert any audio or video file into text

Spext bot helps you convert any audio/ video file to text. Just copy a link to the file and message it to the bot and get a transcript. Take a quick look and and edit it with the Spext Editor.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
It didn't prompt for account creation until AFTER I'd uploaded a file. I think that should be in the introductory message.
Hi guys! Loved the response of the community to Spext - our editor to convert any audio/ video file to text. Almost everybody wanted an easy way to share their files from mobile. We didn't think a stand-alone app would be worth the effort of downloading. So, made a Spext bot. Happy to answer any questions.
Sounds great! I think I should try this tool!
Just say hi and you can use it for as a mobile front for spext ( https://spext.co ) We wanted to make mobile upload as easy as possible.

I've sent across a mail to Sanyam. Please solve my query at the earliest possible


Excellent Initiative


Dozens of spelling mistakes in each sentence. Only covering the initial few minutes of an audio