Spext 2.0

Edit voice recording by editing its transcript

Spext 2.0 is all in one platform for voice recordings - automatic transcription, fast and easy editing and repurposing.

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Thanks Kevin for hunting us! Almost a year back, we shipped an early version of Spext that got a lot of great feedback. One of the biggest requests was the ability to edit media by editing its transcripts. Turns out, it is extremely hard to make this work on the web :P Spext is perfect for people who have a lot of voice content like interviews, podcasts, speeches, lectures etc and quickly want to make it useful - share clips, convert it to blogs or republish a video conversation as a podcast. If you need finer edits, you can export it to more professional softwares like Adobe Audition or Final Cut Pro. Try it and let us know what you think :)
Congrats on the release, @_anupg. I have to ask: How does this compare to @andrewmason's Descript?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Descript is awesome and we get that question quite a lot :) We are targeting a different kind of user/ workflow. Most of our users are indie media creators and marketing teams who want to repurpose their content into clips, blogs, tweets etc. Editing is a small step in the entire workflow of repurposing the voice recording to making it accessible for a broader audience. So, we have built a very different web based UX for quick editing, not superfine control that doesn't require any installation.

I really like the Spext feature of detecting silence in audio by which I can edit my podcast files very easily.


Detects Silence; Simple use of copy paste feature


A bit slow compared to Descript

Thanks Kevin! After being in alpha for last 5 months. We are finally ready. Learned a lot with our early customers and adopters. We wanted to be primarily on web (avoid downloads ) with speed and intuitive interface. Podcasters to marketers, It is definitely going to help them in producing more voice content faster.
Really cool product. Are you able to share any details on how exactly the "editing via word processor" process works? Also curious, do you lose any audio quality when editing this way vs using a traditional audio workstation like Adobe Audition?
@turnernovak Thank you :) We provide text as an interface to the speech in the media by matching words and sounds. There is no loss of quality as such. Final output is applied on the original media uploaded by the user. It is also possible to export your edits to Adobe Audition and do rest of the work there. These exports are non destructive. Would you like to give a try? Let me know when you do.
@ashu_trv Very cool. I'm not currently working on anything that requires me to edit audio, but am definitely keeping Spext in mind for the next time that I do!