Spendee Web App

See where your money goes (now on desktop too)

Spendee web app enables you to understand your finances in bigger picture. The core features are identical to the mobile app (adding transactions, analysis….), however more analytical functions will be introduced in web version in order to enable more in-depth look. Understanding your finances gets much more convenient starting today.


  • Pawel KadyszFounder, tookapic.com

    Interface is really nice both on web and mobile. Downloading transactions from bank accounts is also nice feature and works well.


    No transfers between accounts (wallets). On web app I can't edit details for transactions downloaded from bank history.

    Overall - next to Dollarbird one of the best finance manager I've used. Still not perfect. Still missing some key features (like transfers). I wish someone made a clone of Buxfer but with the modern UI that doesn't burn my eyes.

    Pawel Kadysz has used this product for one week.
  • Alvaro FloresSoftware Engineer

    The best UI since the first version


    No general view and reports considering all the accounts, no edit option for transactions, mark as duplicated

    I'm using Spendee since the first version they launch, its by far the best looking finance app, the bank sync is what they need to keep up, but still needs lots of work to improve the frequency and speed to sync, plus the cons that previusly mention.

    Alvaro Flores has used this product for one year.


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Jakub SechterMaker@kuba_sechter · Co-founder & CSO @ Spendee
Hello, Product Hunt family, Thank you Robleh for the Hunt! 🎉🎉🎉 Spendee has been helping people get their finances under control since 2013. It started as a mobile app and became pretty big pretty quickly thanks to its award-winning user experience, sleek design and easy to understand overviews. We’ve got more than 2M downloads now and counting.🌍 This year, we introduced a new feature that allows you to connect all your bank accounts to Spendee. Your transactions can now be added and categorized automatically thanks to bank sync. Automatization rocks! After that, a web app remained the top requested feature and another milestone that we aimed to reach in order to fulfill the wishes of our users. 💻 Spendee’s new web app enables you to understand your finances in a bigger picture (bigger screens), so you can take a more detailed look at where your money goes: - Detailed filtering of transactions - Import of transactions from other sources (excel sheet, other app) - Bulk editing coming soon Analysing your finances will get much more convenient starting today. Your finances are now available anytime, anywhere and on any device. As this is still in beta - not all features are available yet - however, we’re working hard to bring them to you as soon as possible. So stay tuned. Even though we did a lot of beta testing already, there still may be bugs, so please let us know about them, so we can fix them quickly. Follow us on Facebook and get a chance to win a year-long subscription of Spendee Premium :) I am looking forward to hearing what you think about Spendee beta web app in general and I will be happy to answer your questions! 🤗
Ahmad Awais ⚡@mrahmadawais · 🥑 OSS Dev Advocate & WordPress Core Dev
@kuba_sechter Looks pretty neat. Several small UX/UI Bugs. Info is not expandable E.g. I like to add the bank, the source, the reason, the transaction details, etc. https://ahmda.ws/2jMbQB4
Jakub SechterMaker@kuba_sechter · Co-founder & CSO @ Spendee
@mrahmadawais, thanks for the feedback. You can edit all transactions in cash wallets (with manual input). At the moment, you can't edit transactions in bank-connected wallets, but we'll make that possible soon. And thanks for the link. We'll have a look at that problem as well.
Stas Romanov@realrus · Editor
on desktop, yeah!
Jakub SechterMaker@kuba_sechter · Co-founder & CSO @ Spendee
@realrus hope you enjoy. Please leave your feedback when you try it out!
Anton Eliasson@antoneliasson · Director of Marketing @ Shakr
Been using the iOS app for about a year, it's the best finance app I've found on the app store (I don't connect my bank account though, so I don't know about that part). Great for couples who want to share budgets/expenses. Looking forward to trying out the web app!
Jakub SechterMaker@kuba_sechter · Co-founder & CSO @ Spendee
@antoneliasson great, hope you enjoy it. I'm using Spendee for the same purpose with my girlfriend myself. Bank account sync isn't available in the web app yet, but you can try it out on Android or iOS.
Anton Eliasson@antoneliasson · Director of Marketing @ Shakr
@kuba_sechter I live in Korea so I doubt it will be available anytime soon for me ;)
Jakub SechterMaker@kuba_sechter · Co-founder & CSO @ Spendee
@antoneliasson unfortunately, we don't support banks in Korea yet, but if we receive enough requests, we'll consider implementing some banks there :)
@kuba_sechter Where can I find the list of banks that you partner with?
Michal LangmajerMaker@michallangmajer
@roemerw hello, the list of supported banks is still growing. Currently you can find the latest one only in the ios/android app in the section where you connect your bank account. We will soon add it on our web as well.
Yigit Pinarbasi@yigitpinarbasi · Freelance UI / UX Designer
Where can I download desktop version of app? I could not find on website. 😶
Jakub SechterMaker@kuba_sechter · Co-founder & CSO @ Spendee
@yigitpinarbasi for now, you can only access the web version online, but we're considering creating a downloadable desktop app in the future. Thanks for letting us know you're interested in something like that.
Farbod Saraf@farbodsaraf · Co-founder Everboard.io (YC SUS17)
@yigitpinarbasi @kuba_sechter I've created a tiny Mac app for Spendee which you can keep in your deck. I previously shared it with Spendee beta testers on FB group. You can use it temporarily till the Spendee team release their own full-fledged desktop app: https://bit.ly/SpendeeMacApp
Jakub SechterMaker@kuba_sechter · Co-founder & CSO @ Spendee
@farbodsaraf, thanks a lot!
Bikram Agarwal@vicky_buddie
Looks very nice and polished. And I love that it is cross-platform. Sadly I'm already invested in Money Lover, for which I paid a one time premium unlock price. Now I'm quite hesitant to join another app and pay monthly subscription for it.
Jakub SechterMaker@kuba_sechter · Co-founder & CSO @ Spendee
@vicky_buddie Money Lover is a pretty good app that I personally like. I believe both apps have their own appeal. Spendee is free but if you want to try out paid features, you can try our free trial and see. You can import your data from Money Lover to Spendee.