Spend Together

Split bills in a group of friends painlessly.

Spend Together is an app dedicated to split bills in a group of friends painlessly. It’s suitable for trips with friends, roommates or any other IOUs. Get rid off paper bills and spend more time on things that matter, rather than arguing about who owes whom.

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The best app ever! Very convenient for travelers! Highly recommend :)
No plans for an Android version? Many friends won’t buy an iphone to split the bills....
@bernardamus Hi there! The development of this app took nearly one year. And there were only two of us :) Yes yes, a coder and a designer, that’s it. Android version could have taken additional 6 month or so. We decided to focus on one platform as for the beginning. If the app gains success, we will consider the Android version.
I don't have an iPhone so I can't try it but how does this differ from present solutions like splitwise?
@golear Hi Gabe! Well, in short, the main difference is ease of use. Splitwise has plenty of good features which, however, are spoiled by the poor design and realization. First of all, thist app is usually promoted for travellers, but how can you use it in another country where there is no constant Internet connection available? Spend Together works offline and never asks you to register. Nevertheless, you can still invite friends to join you in the app via personal links. Secondly, Splitwise doesn't allow you to settle debts in different currencies. So if you owe your friend somewhat 15 USD, 20 DKK and 300 JPY you will have to convert all these amounts through one convenient currency for settlement by yourself. Or just settle directly in these currencies. With Spend Together you will always be able to choose any currency for expenses as well as for settlements. Also Spend Together provides a statistics of your personal expenses in the group. You will know on what your money was spent (eg. on food, transport, shopping etc). You can also read previous commetns for more info :)
the best app ever !
Hello hunters! Yesterday we released an app we were working on the whole year. It helps to split bills in a group of people. It’s best suited for travelers, roommates or any other debt management. We know there are a lot of similar apps, but none of them fully suited our needs. So we decided to create Spend Together. Sounds ambitious, right? And it is! :) Here are problems we were facing in other apps and addressed in Spend Together: - Mandatory registration. I hate when some no-name app asks me to log in or to create an account. This is not only inconvenient, but often impossible when you’re traveling abroad - you just don’t have an internet connection. We addressed this issue and pushed it to the limit: Spend Together NEVER asks for registration or any personal information. In the light of recent GDPR hype we think this is a proper way to handle privacy. - Offline. Offline. Offline. Offline was our mantra from the beginning. Once again, you don’t necessarily have an internet connection when you’re abroad. The app requires internet connection only if you want to manage expenses together with your friends. But what I can tell from my own experience, there is always one “accountant” in a group of friends who’s responsible for inputting all expenses. - Currency exchange rates. In the foreign country it’s often hard to tell the real price of something because you’re not used to local prices. Spend Together solves this problem: you can always tell the exact cost in your native currency. Moreover, you can spend in several currencies and settle debts in any convenient one (we struggled with this in Splitwise). - Know the cost of a trip. While sharing expenses with others, it’s hard to tell how much money was spent specifically on you in a group. Yes, you can count your money in the end of a trip after all debts are settled, but with Spend Together you can see a detailed statistics of expenses anytime. Quite handy if you keen on planning your budget wisely. I’ve tested Spend Together myself in three trips already. Each trip gave us many insights and helped us to improve the app. But it’s still not feature complete, and here is our roadmap: - Shared wallets, so two people in a couple don’t have to settle debts with each other. - Custom expense categories. - Notifications when someone in a group adds an expense. - Integration with payment systems, but this is a huuuge maybe. We want our app to be country independent. So we need to come up with some way to implement it for all countries at once. And I don’t know such way right now. Currently the app costs $1.99, but we’re planning to turn it into subscription based in nearest future. But don’t fear, all buyers will get an eternal Premium version of the app. I hope Spend Together will be as useful for you as it is for me and my friends! :)