Spend Stack

Collaborative running total lists built on iCloud.

Spend Stack is a list app built on iCloud that keeps a to-the-penny running total of its item's costs. You can share and collaborate on them with anyone.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Hey there Product Hunt, long time member - first time launching 🚀! Spend Stack is a way to make a list of stuff, say a grocery list, but keep an accurate, to-the-penny running total of it. Several years in the making, it initially started because my wife and I budget in all cash, and we needed answers to things like this: How much would apples be at $1.25 per pound at .75 pounds, with a 20% discount and 7.5% local sales tax? You can use it for all sorts of things beyond the obvious grocery list though - Christmas lists, birthday lists, budgeting an upcoming vacation, "envelope" budgets and more. Some features I'm excited about: - The most accurate pricing system on iOS - Tags, create your own to categorize items - iCloud syncing and sharing, collaborate on your lists with anyone - Universal app, so enjoy it on iPhone and iPad It's also built to leverage iOS and apply Apple's design guidelines: - Full dynamic type and accessibility support - 3D Touch - Drag and drop - Keyboard support, multitasking and more I'm hungry for any feedback or questions, and thanks for taking some time out of your day to read a bit about Spend Stack ❤️!
I pre-ordered this earlier this week and woke up this morning giddy with excitement to try it! The care and attention to detail is profound. The app is full of wonderful little details: simple things like the animation & subtle haptics when setting the color on a tag, or the number of silky animations throughout. On a practical level, I'm anxious to see if I can use Spend Stack to replace the shared lists my wife and I currently use through Notes (these are helpful for us, but limited in functionality). Congratulations on a great product @jordanmorgan10!
@redman Thanks for give it a spin Tom 🙌!
I use Tricount and Splitwise but this app looks like the next level 👌 Design 💯
@faborio Thanks Peter! I spent a good amount of time on the design, would love to hear any thoughts if you check it out.
@imchrisdavis Thanks Chris ❤️!
Do people really spend time on tracking item price, weight, discount, etc. ?
@huangdun This is a list where people want a running total, so if that fits you - you're the target customer. If not, a more generalized list app would likely suit you just fine!