The biggest enemy of the spellchecker

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Igor Pavlov
Igor PavlovMaker@igorpavlov · Prototyper
Hei Huntors! Have you even been pissed off with someone who is trying to fix your spelling? Time for revenge. Spellfucker knows how to screw the grammar up in your text, even Google has hard times to fix all the mess. The text still stays readable though. So next time when someone fixes your grammar, throw some spellfucked text back and let them fix it the rest of their day. Now a little bit more serious Actually, Spellfucker is all about obfuscation. The goal is to create a text obfuscator which leaves the text readable, but not easily recognizable by computer or able to be reverted. One example of a similar project is bbboing which utilizes a well known method of mid-letters shuffling researched in Cambridge University in 2003. Spellfucker, on the other hand, uses a different method of replacing letter combinations to a random similarly sounding combination. It is made for experimental, educational and entertaining purposes only. Be wresponscyble! It is completely open-source. Any feedback or any kind of contribution are highly appreciated. I whysh jou amazyngue Mondei end the rhesed hoph the whyk! Khaeve phun! 😻
Gabriel Varaljay
Gabriel Varaljay@gabrielvaraljay · co-founder of @envienta and @govixt
@igorpavlov this is the craziest idea of the week :-)
Igor Pavlov
Igor PavlovMaker@igorpavlov · Prototyper
@gabrielvaraljay The week has just started, but thank you! :D
Michael Enriquez
Michael Enriquez@michaelenriquez · Product Manager | michael-enriquez.com
Oh man, should have been Spellfukcer
Igor Pavlov
Igor PavlovMaker@igorpavlov · Prototyper
@michaelenriquez I deednt thynk of eat, greit eyedea!