Spell It Out

Spelling out tech acronyms so you can be in the know.

Spell It Out spells out tech acronyms, abbreviations and word shorternings found in the tech industry so you can be in the know.

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Hey everyone! Have you ever been in a situation where a colleague, speaker or organizer in the tech industry used an acronym as if everyone knew what it meant? Did you feel like you were the only one who wasn’t in the know because you didn’t know what it meant? Yeah, I’ve been in that situation far too many times. It’s for this reason I created Spell It Out - http://www.spellitout.xyz A site that spells out acronyms, abbreviations and word shortenings often used in the tech industry.
@michaelsoolee What if there are conflicting acronyms? Like IP - https://www.spellitout.xyz/ip-in...
@d4nyll hey hey Daniel! Thanks for checking out the site and asking this question. As you’ll see each acronym has a unique URL. Where the scheme is “/acronym-spelt-out”. This should allow for acronyms with the same letters but different meanings to be added to the site. As for the glossary right now it’ll just list duplicates but point to their respective URLs but there isn’t anyway to differentiate them visually. Since each acronym has a unique url I plan on handling this by first pointing to the base acronym url and then pointing to each individual acronym from there. Thanks again for the great question! If you’ve got a solution in mind I’d love to hear it to make the site more useful for everyone :)
@michaelsoolee What you proposed sounds like a good idea. I really like the Spell-it-out idea since I had a similar struggle to you previously, but with development tools instead. I created a repo called Hoardnet (https://github.com/brewhk/hoardnet), and we got to about 50 tools (https://github.com/brewhk/hoardn...) but I didn't have time to finish it. I'll definitely keep an eye on this and see how you resolve issues that come up. Good luck!
@d4nyll oh very cool. Thanks for sharing and for having interest in Spell It Out :)
It's a good start. I think this could be helpful for branching out into different industries. There are many acronyms people encounter but don't know the meaning of
@antonybearpark thanks Anthony for checking out the site and for sure! I can see many applications for it. Just wanted to initially stick with an industry I was familiar with first. Any particular industry you’d like to see next being covered?
@antonybearpark @michaelsoolee I previously worked in the shipping industry, chartering vessels, tankers, etc. There are thousands of acronyms that are very crucial in day-to-day business activities!
Straight-forward function, extra kudos to the UI, superb!
@brianmulyadi thanks a lot Brian for the kind words and checking out the site :)
Great job!! 😊 super useful n handy
@ayush_chandra thanks for your kind words and for checking it out Ayush!
@michaelsoolee Clever & simple idea. Great UI & mobile readiness. Congrats! Also, just added a new acronym to your list. (NDA) 👍🏽
@thisiskp_ thanks so much KP for checking out the site, your kind words and for contributing :)