Spell Inspector

Automatic spelling checker for Figma

Spell Inspector is a plugin which accurately helps in finding & correcting spelling errors for English language while you create your masterpiece in Figma.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Hello! Today we are launching a Figma Plugin that will save the designers from making embarrassing typos. We are working since a few weeks on this plugin and now after testing it thoroughly, it’s good to go! This plugin will give you suggestions or replacement for words that might be incorrect. Other tags such as word & occurrence count will also be shown. We hope this plugin becomes a useful tool for you. Let us know your feedback on the comments below.
Nice! Need this for my team.
This is awesome! I didn't realise I needed it but it's so useful and simple to use 👍
That is a good thing. I missed that one a lot.
@garintheengineer Let me know how it goes :)
I found this plugin last week and it was a huge time saver. Works really well for products with a lot content or big documents and you don't have to select a text box for it to work, which I found some other plugins needed you to do.
@ben_ward Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad that you are loving it! :)