SpeedX Unicorn

Smart lightweight road bike with built-in power meter



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Kevin William David — Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
SpeedX Unicorn is the world's first smart road bike featuring an integrated power meter.

Equipped with Vibration Control System (VCS) frame technology to absorb bumps, smoothen out vibrations, while improving comfort, control and speed. A new process to fabricate the Unicorn frame, making the frame durable, flexible and light. An integrated power meter that lasts 400 hours or 8000km. Rechargeable at home.

Train, track analyze your cycling data like a pro rider. Together with its built-in sensors and GPS, you can live-track your cycling data on the SpeedForce, a 2.2” inch touchscreen cycling computer. Removable and based on Android OS. Also features a wireless button “Black Dot” that you can put anywhere to easily switch screens when riding.
joshua bradley — Co-founder NotPie. Making life better.
The script on that video is priceless. Nice looking bike though
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