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Similar to the literally named, Hotel Wifi Test.
Hi I'm Frederik the creator of SpeedSpot. Love to get your feedback. FYI: Also for the daily digital nomads, the mobile apps (iOS & Android) let you find coffee shops & restaurants around you with fast wifi. All thanks to the awesome users crowdsourcing the hotspots they encounter.
@frederikli Simple, does what it needs to. Love it. How do you deal with the age of the speed test? Do you eventually invalidate if you haven't gotten a speed test recently?
@nabeel Hi Nabeel, glad to hear that. So the overall goal is to create transparency. So we currently do the following in regards to your questions. Obviously the date and time of each test is recorded. It's currently accessible through the mobile apps under Spot Details and we will show that information on the website soon as well. We invalidate old tests in the way that if enough tests are available only the latest five are taken into account when calucalting the average speeds. We felt this made most sense because if a hotel would upgrade their wifi they should not be penealized for old bad results.
This is a pretty solid mission, considering the abysmal connectivity I usually encounter when traveling: "Since early 2013 SpeedSpot is the #1 tool that travelers use to run WiFi Speed Tests and rely on to find Hotels with Fast WiFi. By providing mobile apps on both iOS & Android, SpeedSpot has created the largest database of Hotel WiFi Tests in the world. The goal is and was to make WiFi access transparent to every traveler before booking hotels, because we believe that speed matters – video conferencing, streaming movies or music, sharing photos or videos is no fun when you have a poor internet connection. But, due to most of the hospitality industry not investing enough in fast and reliable broadband infrastructure, finding a hotel with fast internet access is still potluck. This is what we are changing together."
Would it be worth noting if the hotel wifi is free or paid as well?
@toddsaunders Hi Todd, yes absolutely. Users also add this information in the App. On the website this is presented by the term "Free WiFi" or "Paid WiFi". In the mobile apps you can see it just looking at the Spots. Free Spots will have a white border and paid Spots a gray border. Also if you check out the details of a Spot free or paid is specifically mentioned.